Individual Risk Basis
Pillar I

Assisted Capacity

Pure Capacity


On a per risk basis Arma offers A-rated capacity in a straightforward way customised to the specific cedant’s objective (Capital Strain, Risk Management, existing Treaty restrictions etc). We provide capacity in a conventional reinsurance model (pure capacity) and work with cedants on specific targeted risks (assisted capacity).

Portfolio Basis
Pillar II





On a portfolio basis we work
with cedants directly in improving their portfolios by providing our ‘intellectual’ capacity. In addition to Pillar I, Arma offers products and services that are tied back into the utilisation of their capacity. We will tailor products/services for each cedant we partner with.

Cedant Basis
Pillar III

Software / Applications


Actuarial Risk Management


Arma provides various services to its partners including the development and installation of MIS dashboards (with all relevant KPIs), aggregation and analytics tools, assisting in the development of required interfaces between front end environment and core systems, the development of ERM framework and providing guidance and advice on credit rating review processes.